What Will You Do If Your luggage Lost ?

Tag Hang on the Luggage, Help You Find it Easy, If Your luggage Lost 

[ Find My App ]
Works with iPhone Built-in Find My App, Help You Find Your Lost Luggage

[ Play Sound ]
If the Lost Luggage Near By, [ Play Sound ] will Help You Find It

[ Directions ]
You Can Go to Find the Luggage, the Last Known Location on the Map

[ Lost Mode ]
If You Do Not Know Where Your Luggage Is

If you are out of the Bluetooth range, Lost Mode helps you locate the luggage by using near by Apple devices and a Bluetooth connection to relay the location. You will get the notification to show your luggage’s last know Location.

Others Help You Find

Utilizing the Find My network, which is composed of 1.5 billion Apple devices to help you find the luggage.

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